Never trust a pretty girl
Wren is “Beach Hottie”(Board Shorts)/A

There is something about Wren that makes me suspect about him all the time.Wren could have been the beach hottie/board shorts/A, so many things about Wren are sketchy.I actually think he is Big A.Let’s start from the beginning…

Who is “Board Shorts”?

We first learn about the famous “Board Shorts” in Season 3, Episode 17: “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno” when Emily finds an old conversation with Ali in her biology notebook:Ali had a fling with a “beach hottie” in Cape May the summer before she “died.” Further information provided by the less-than-reliable CeCe revealed that Ali had been hooking up with a mysterious older man without protection, and totally thought she was pregnant. When Emily and Jason find a photo collage including a picture of Ali with Detective Wilden in Cape May, they immediately suspect the creeper cop of being “Board Shorts.” Later, Mona tells Spencer that Ali’s pregnancy was a false alarm, and Ali was never actually pregnant, but we don’t know how much “Board Shorts” knew.

1.Wren in board shorts/We see A in Pilot

a)So Wren has a history of wearing board shorts.

b)Marlene said on twitter that we see A in the first episode

Guess who was seen in pilot wearing nothing else but board shorts.If you ask me this could be the big clue.

2.Thing for younger girls

Wren is engaged to Melissa who is gorgeous and smart but he still goes for her younger sister? 

Later in the series he got closer to Hanna and they kissed.

So it looks like he has a thing for younger girls and it doesn’t surprise me if he was the one having a thing with Ali in Cape May.

3.He is a doctor

a)He provided medication

Wren was in fact providing pain killers for Ian and remotely treating him for his accident at the church. Spencer corners him at his workplace, St. Anthony’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and gets him to admit his participation and knowledge of Ian’s existence. He is helping Melissa, because, he says, he owes it to her after what he has done.

b)Emily and HGH

When Emily was in hospital for ulcer he was her doctor(Surprise,surprise!).Later, he checks up on Emily. He has good news and bad news. The good - the ulcer will heal, the bad - Emily’s blood test says she has HGH (human growth hormone, a steroid used to improve sports performance) in her system. He says that since she is a minor, he must tell her parents. She begs him not to tell, and denies having knowledge of the HGH, which is later proven to be the truth. He doesn’t believe her, but agrees to ask the attending to run the test again before informing her parents.

Wren would know how much steroid to put in Emily’s pain-killer cream to have it show up in her blood work and send her to the hospital but not kill her.

c)Season 3 episode 5 “That girl is poison”

Emily is on her computer looking up the drug while talking to Aria, who is going through Lucas’s bag. She tells Aria that the drug in Paige’s system is:

A strong sedative prescribed for sleeping disorders. Also used to subdue aggressive patients and inmates. Side effects: memory loss

At that very moment, Aria is going through Lucas’s film and finds three pills. She asks Emily what the pills look like and they’re the exact ones that Aria found in Lucas’s stuff.

In the final scene, we see our hooded, still-anonymous villain rifling through someone’s bag. What do they pull out? A wallet, a picture of Emily, and a medicine bottle. Who’s is it?Wren could be the one that gave those pills to Lucas to put them in Emily’s drink.


Ali tells Emily that she knows someone,a doctor who could prescribe her a pill.(Possibly Wren,I mean he is the only doctor we know on the show)

e)Hanna’s blood sample

"Moments Later"

This is episode when Hanna is in the hospital cause she was hit by a car. Wren’s a doctor, he had easy access to all of her blood work.

Later in “Crazy”

Early in the episode Officer Wilden drops by Hanna’s house and says the police want a sample of her blood. Hanna fears she is being framed and then tells Spencer, Spencer says that her mom can have the court order dismissed. Then later in the episode A leaves Hanna the Ouija board piece that she put in Ali’s grave on her kitchen table. When Hanna picked it up she pricked herself, why? Because a put staples on the bottom of it with a note that said:

 A"See how easy it is for me to get your blood? -A"

f)A message

A sent a message to all four the girls saying:

A: “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on, bitches. -A”

Sounds like a doctor to me…


In “Blood is the new black” Emily finds necklace with teeth on it.Of course she thought they were Ali’s.Again this could easily be Wren.

4.Vodka soda

In “The Jenna thing” when the Hastings sisters and Wren go out for drinks with their father, Spencer orders a vodka soda, but Melissa interferes. It seems expected that Wren order the same drink as his future father-in-law and his fiancée, but he opts for Spencer’s choice instead, secretly providing her with a few sips, sensing she could use it while Melissa and their father talk about their accomplishments of the day. 

In the end of “Kingdom of the blind” A(Wren) grabbed a Vodka Soda out of a giant freezer and poured it into a cup which looked exactly like the drink that Wren ordered. Coincidence? I don’t think so…



In “Happened that night” Wren informs Hanna that he volunteers at the Radley Sanitarium a few days each month when he catches her visiting Mona using a false name.Wren is working as one of Mona’s doctors(Again “surprise”)

Wren also helped Hanna talk to the board members at Radley and got Mona to stay in Rosewood.I’m pretty sure it’s not just because he wanted to help Hanna and do her a favour.He needed Mona to stay in the Rosewood cause she is on the A team.

-In “Birds of a Feather” At the end of the episode we see A hacking the computer system of the Radley Sanitarium allowing Mona to have visitors. My guess is that Wren has an access to patients files online, making this to easy for the A team.

In “the lady killer” we see Mona wearing a nurse outfit and getting in to Radley with an I.D badge.But who would give Mona that stuff,the only person that has easy acces-Wren.



In “I’m your puppet” Wren comes to see Spencer when he finds out she’s been checked into Radley. There is obvious tension between him and orderly Eddie Lamb. Wren asks Spencer if he’s done anything for her to be there and she says it doesn’t have to do with him. Later when Eddie talks to Spencer he indicates Wren was involved with the issues with the badges and that he always thought he was there for the wrong reasons. In a different scene Wren stops Eddie from taking a book to Spencer’s room and there is further tension.  

Later Spencer follows Mona’s map to an abandoned wing of the asylum and Wren shows up when she is going through some items Mona hid in a rocking horse. He admits to issuing a visitor pass to CeCe Drake to see Mona, even though she wasn’t allowed visitors. He tells her that CeCe had gotten kicked out of university because of a stunt Ali had pulled at a frat party and she desperately wanted to talk to Mona. He let her in because he thought she could be a role model for Mona. He also reveals that Melissa was the one who told CeCe about Mona being in Radley.

He probably knew CeCe from Cape May…


In “What Lies Beneath” we see A watching the news. When the camera pans over to A using the remote to change the channel we see a box with the words “Hopkins” written on it. Hopkins is a medical school and the only doctor is Wren…


In “Blood is the new black” Wren comforts Hanna after her ordeal with Mona. He mentions his father was also in a mental institution and that he was schizophrenic.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by impaired emotional responses. Commonsymptoms include delusions, such as paranoid beliefs; hallucinations; disorganized thinking; and negative symptoms, such as blunted affect and avolition. Schizophrenia causes significant social and vocational dysfunction. 

You can inherit schizophrenia .So this might be the main reason why Wren is A and why is he so desperately trying to find Alison.I mean you got to have some serious problems to be capable to do all those things A does.

8.British english

A trashed Dr.Sullivan’s office and left a note on the wall:

 ”Nosey bitches die.-A “

At first I thought it was Mona but American spell it “nosy” and in British english nosy is spelled with an e.The only british person on the show is Wren…


a)Wren is a sophisticated guy and he loves to wear suits.We see him wearing them in many episodes…

b)Later in season 4 episode 12 Ali lead the girls to the lair and they find suits hanging inside the lair.They realised that A is a guy.But everyone think it’s Ezra just because he wears suits and was seen in a lair.(I’m not saying Ezra is not A,I’m just saying there is a possibility that he isn’t.It will be so easy if he is,we all know and where is fun in that?)


Wren is a smart guy I mean not everyone can be doctors.So I think that he put his picture in the lair so it would look like A is watching him to.The only thing that says about Wren is “Wren at Radley” and that’s very odd.


In “Breaking the code” while Spencer was at Wren’s apartment he mention he had OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder)-which means that he is very obsessive about cleaning and that everything has to be in order.

Later in “What Lies Beneath” A is perfectly hanging black hoodies 

11.Red coat

I think that Wren is working with CeCe.It has been confirmed that she is red coat and she was seen making phone calls in the lair.Also he did help her to get in Radley so she could talk to Mona…

Could CeCe be talking with Wren?

In the end of “Mirror has three faces” we witness Wren talking on his phone. He ends the conversation claiming, “you can’t trust anyone.” While chatting, he was coloring the coat red on the picture that we see at the beginning of the episode.

This could be a huge clue.But if you ask me this looks more like Jenna then CeCe.Maybe this tell us that Jenna is also a read coat and that she is working with Wren too.



In “Grave new world” Mrs. Grunwald says “One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most”. As she says it her eyes are fixed on Spencer.Everyone thought that she is talking about Ezra and Aria but why would she be looking at Spencer with that crazy look in her eyes.But Spencer did have a fling with Wren and maybe he is the one Mrs.Grunwald is talking about.


When Ali visited Aria while she was sick,Aria asked her if she knows who A is(does she sees A?).

What Spencer has to figure out?All this clues make me believe that Wren is Beach Hottie/Big A.He is probably the one searching for Ali.I really don’t trust that guy,there is something strange about him…

Thanks for reading my third theory,let me know what you think!


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